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Airbus Defence & Space

Airbus Defence and Space, owned by Airbus Group, is a leading supplier of telecommunication satellites with over 25 years’ experience in their design, manufacture and in‐orbit operations. Early developments included Europe’s first Ku‐band satellite on OTS, the successful ECS‐series of satellites and the high‐power Olympus Ku‐band and Ka‐band satellites. More recently, Airbus Defence and Space has built C/Ku and Ka‐band payloads for many customers, including Eutelsat’s recent KaSat spacecraft. Airbus DS has extensive experience of complex payload manufacture including the complex Inmarsat 4 and Alphasat spacecraft and the Skynet 5 series of complex military satellites. Inside the telecommunication division, the Payload Product Development Department is defining and maintaining present and future telecom payload products and their strategic roadmap. Having a role of payload R&D management with studies and initiatives; this department plans and manages R&D to maximise Airbus DS Telecom payload competitive positioning and prepare the payloads of the future.


DAS Photonics

DAS PHOTONICS is a spin‐off company from the Valencia Nanophotonics Technology Center, focused on the development of innovative value‐adding products based on proprietary photonics technology. DAS Photonics products are at the forefront of R&D in Photonics for Space, Defence, and Aeronautics. Since its creation in 2005, DAS Photonics has been improving and upgrading its technology from laboratory prototypes to fully operative products, developing in parallel R&D activities in the fields of Photonic Integrated Chips and nanophotonics technology. Now DAS has focused special attention on the field of photonic integration in order to achieve a breakthrough that allows the implementation of next generation technologies. For space, DAS develops solutions for both, ground segment and on‐board systems. The aim is to bring the benefits that photonic technology provides to the space market.



HUBER+SUHNER Polatis delivers the world's lowest loss all‐optical switching solutions for dynamic remote fibre‐layer provisioning, protection, monitoring, reconfiguration and test, with over 1000 systems shipped worldwide. The unique Polatis DirectLight technology combines piezoelectric actuation with integrated position sensors to provide non‐blocking connectivity between 2D arrays of collimated fibres directly in free space, thus avoiding the performance impairments associated with traditional MEMS devices. Polatis currently participates in the Framework 7 projects C3PO Colouress and Coolerless Components for low Power Optical networks; DISCUS ‐ DIStributed Core for unlimited bandwidth supply for all Users and Services; and COSIGN ‐ Combining Optics and SDN In next Generation data center Networks.



Sodern is a French medium size company which has been active in the space sector over 30 years as an optronic instrument provider. It carries a star tracker product line as off the shelf product. With 80 unities manufactured every year, Sodern is the number one supplier in the market and enjoys a customer base of over 12 different satellites primes. Sodern has also an activity of on demand engineering and manufacturing of opto‐electronic space instruments in the field of Earth Observation for climate, land, marine and atmosphere monitoring, as well as scientific experiments. One of Sordern’s main achievements is the design, fabrication and qualification of the Pharao Atomic clock optical bench for the CNES and the tip/tilt mirror equipment of the LIDAR instrument for Airbus Defence & Space that will flight in the frame of the ESA EarthCare Mission to sound the atmosphere. Design and Implementation of the photonic and/or mechanism based equipment call for and actually blend a number of Sodern competences and resources, leveraging over 20 years of experience.



Cordon Electronics Italia S.r.l., member of the French “Cordon Group” is a Company operating in the fields of RF and Microwave Photonics both as a contract manufacturer as well as offering its own design and manufacturing capabilities for third party product development in Test and Measurements, Defence and Telecommunication markets. Cordon Electronics develops fully customizable MW-Photonics solutions, thanks to the acquired expertise in Photonics, Microwaves and control electronics to fully cover design, prototyping and production of modules and systems. With over 15 years of experience in hybrid modules technology, Cordon Electronics covers a wide range of demands in packaging solutions for microwave hybrids and optical components/modules. Technical core competences are available for the design of high capacity transceivers for optical fibre systems, high frequency front‐end modules for Microwave Photonics systems and Radio Link for E‐band systems.



Imec performs world-leading research in nanoelectronics and leverages its scientific knowledge with the innovative power of its global partnerships in ICT, healthcare and energy. Imec is an independent research center, founded by the Belgian Flemish Government in 1984. In this project, the imec IDLab-Design research group focuses on the evaluation of the space compatibility of a dedicated high-voltage CMOS driver IC, together with Sodern and Polatis. The IDLab-Design group is very active in optoelectronic front-end and (sub-) system design since the early nineties. The IDLab-Design group is currently one of the leading groups in the research and development of high-speed, low-power transmitter and receiver integrated circuits for next generation transport, metro, access, datacenter and radio-over-fiber networks. Developments are ongoing in the frame of various H2020 projects (Teraboard, Streams, WIPE, 5GPHOS, Picture, Qameleon and Uniqorn).